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Hall generator BH-702

Part Number BH-702
Designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of magnetic field measurement applications, the BH-700 series are small, solid-state devices that provide an output voltage proportional to the product of control current and ambient flux density. Six single-axis models are available to measure axial and transverse magnetic field components with sensitivities from 7.5 to 50mV/kG and input and output resistance of several ohms.

Minimum Order Quantity: 10

  • Small
  • Low field
  • Ferrite-embedded
  • Transverse
Input resistance 3.5 ohms
Output resistance 3.5 ohms
Magnetic sensitivity 0.15 V / AkG min
Max resistive residual voltage 100 µV
Max. control current @ 25 C 300 mA
Nominal control current 200 mA
Operating temperature -55 to 100 ⁰ C