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Current sensor CDS4100 ACC

Part Number CDS4100 ACC
The CDS4000 Current sensor family is designed for highly dynamic electronic measurement of DC, AC, pulsed and mixed currents with integrated galvanic isolation. The magnetoResistive technology enables an excellent dynamic response without the hysteresis that is present in iron core based designs. The system accuracy can be improved by either the internal or an external reference voltage. This further reduces temperature drift and several sensors can share the same reference voltage. The adjustable overcurrent detection enables a Fast response in overload situations to prevent damage to the power units. The CDS4000 product family offers PCB-mountable THT current sensors from 10A up to 150A nominal current for industrial applicaitons.
  • Excellent accuracy
  • Low temperature drift
  • Very small size
  • Highly dynamic response
  • Adjustable overcurrent detection
Nominal current 100 A
Peak current 300 A
Output at nominal 2 mA
Supply voltage 5 V
Linearity 0.2
Typical zero offset 0.3
Operating temperature range -40 to 105 ⁰C